Working ON your business versus IN it

In the last few blogs we have talked a lot about setting your goals and resolutions, how to improve your business and what to focus on in 2021. Whilst you may have read these, how many have you taken the time to implement? We all think about what we should be doing for our business, but how often do we take the time to STOP, REFLECT and WORK ON the BUSINESS?

One of the goals of Book Us Bookkeeping this year is to spend a couple of hours every Friday working on the Business. This has enabled us to plan better, look into webinars that will continually increase our knowledge and efficiencies, projecting our finances and re-asserting our goals.

When we talk about working IN the business versus ON it, we are referring to the management and execution of the work versus strategic planning, research, development & creating systems and increasing efficiencies.

Tasks to work  IN the business include:

  • Making the product
  • Devlivering the service
  • Administrative work
  • Team training
  • Marketing management & execution
  • Sales management & execution

Tasks to work ON the business include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Research & Development
  • Creating Systems
  • Working on Alliances and Partnerships
  • Looking at Funding
  • Working on Budgets & Cashflow Projections

Working ON the business is important as it helps you to build and scale your business. You need to plan where you want to get to, how you are going to get there but if you are stuck working IN the business, you won’t have time to set these goals or put them into action

How do you start?

  1. Define the different tasks to work ON the business versus IN it
  2. Create an environment to help work ON the business
  3. Know when you can create a strategy yourself or when you need someone to step in to assist

If you have any questions or want help starting this process, we are happy to offer planning sessions to get people started, so contact Sophie to book in a time.

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