Mental Health Check

We’re incredibly passionate about mental health at Book Us. Sophie and Graham have both struggled with depression, and have both reached out to their psychologists for support in the last eighteen months.

We wanted to use this week’s newsletter to emphasise just how important it is to look after your mental health, especially in these very difficult times.

Remember that it is completely normal to be struggling with productivity at the moment.

Remember that it is completely normal for your emotions to be heightened.

Remember that it is completely normal to be coping with this completely abnormal situation in whatever way works for you. (Though we hope for your sake that these are healthy ways!)

If you are feeling hopeless, please reach out to somebody. Go to your GP and ask for a Mental Health Care Plan and some recommendations for psychologists near you. The government now subsidise more sessions with a psychologist than ever before. Our daughter Emily recommends – you can speak with a psychologist from your living room!

If you have private health insurance, you likely have some psychology sessions available. Check what you are covered for with your insurer.

We also highly recommend Matt Haig’s new book The Comfort Book for a little reminder that we are living in incredibly strange times and that all of us are in it together (excuse the cliche).

And please feel free to reach out to us. We know how hard it is to concentrate on work when the world is throwing so many stressors at you. We are here to help. And if we can’t help with a particular problem, we will do our best to direct you to someone who can.