COVID-19 Relief Payments Ending Soon

Exciting news this week: Sophie and Graham were interviewed for Accountants Daily about how Book Us Bookkeeping is managing in Covid times, as well as their future plans. Have a read here and tell us what you think!

JobSaver payments will also change form when NSW reaches the 80% double vaccination rate. Payments will be reduced from 30% to 15% of weekly payroll. These payments will end on 30 November 2022, coinciding with the further relaxation of restrictions.

Now to what we know about relief payments and their end dates. The COVID-19 Disaster Payment will be transitioning to a new form as states reach 70% full vaccination. The automatic renewal of the payment will end, and individuals will have to reapply each week that a Commonwealth hotspot remains in place.

Under the payment, eligible recipients have received $750 per week if they lost over 20 hours of work, $450 per week if they lost between eight and 20 hours, and $200 per week for those on income support payments who lost over eight hours of work. When a state or territory reaches 80% full vaccination, the payment will step down over a period of two weeks before ending.

The government will leave in place the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment (for those who cannot work because they must self-isolate or quarantine) until 30 June 2022.